Track is CLOSED for Practice!
You must water the track for at least 1 hour prior to and during practice.
Clean up after yourself and lock up when you leave!
See Practice rules!***



2013 QMA Dirt Grands Event

Congratulations to MCQMRC drivers.
Hanna Flood
Heavy 120 timed 7th finished 3rd in A
Heavy 160 timed 3rd finished 3rd in A
Lt World Formula timed 5th, finished 6th

Andrew Layser
Sr Honda fast time, and won A
Lt 160 won the A
Lt World Formula finished 3rd in A fast time Track Record

Brian Zyck
Track record and won both A mains in B and AA
Hvy World Formula timed 7th and finished 3rd in A

David Crossman
Timed 5th in Half and finished 6th in A
Timed 5th in World Formula and finished 4th in A

Renay Stover
Timed 13th in Hvy 120 finished 10th in A
Timed 10th in Hvy 160 and finished 6th in B

Kyle Walter
Timed 4th and finished 6th in A Hvy 120

Payton McBride
Timed 11th and finished 6th in A Jr novice

Billy Lasko
Timed 7th in Hvy World Formula and finished 6th in A
Timed 3rd in Half and finished 5th in A

Blaike Braclin
Timed 4th in Half and finished 2nd in A
Hvy 160 timed 11th, finished 7th in B